noaccordion New Single Available Now


Oakland based artist and producer noaccordion™
released a new Single recently. Listen for free and grab your copy.


Over the past 10 years noaccordion has released 5 Eps and 3 Albums.
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World Electronica is our Passion

Celebrating diversity by amplifying extraordinary voices to create a deeper understanding and connection that promotes equal opportunity for all. Using love to conquer our unwanted negative battles of the mind by supporting one another with passionate expression to share our authentic creation.

What can our world electronica music offer you?

Our music retains you in the moment, nests you in a focused state while inviting you on an inner journey of self-discovery. Our sounds stir up emotions as they cleanse with vibration. Our lyrics assist you to gain a deeper connection to yourself. Our musical tracks encourage respectful mindfulness as they deliver positive universal messages to your consciousness and subconscious. Our songs entice you into meditation, maintain you fully present sculpting you into a better listener. Our beats bring you joy, laughter, playfulness while making your body move. Our unique combinations plant you in a state of inquiry inspiring you to ponder new possibilities. Our sonic vibrations transform what no longer serves you creating room for healthy abundance.