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Constant Creative Collaboration

Noaccordion collaboration is paramount to the success of this project. From inception in 2009 to this current day, Onah Indigo is always working with other creatives like Musical Artists, Visual Artists, Dancers, Creative Directors, Stylists, AV Engineers, Stage Managers and Production Crew. Noaccordion has been especially blessed to work with amazing talent such as the percussionist Evan Fraser of the well-known swamptronica project Dirtwire on the track “Like A Feather” or SkipWicked, from the chart topping reggae band Indubious, who laid down a beautiful harmonic chorus on “Goodness Rise Again”.  Much respected electronic music producer Soohan from the West Coast Bass Scene remixed the track “Response” on the latest album plus Eric Oberthaler [eO], a well loved S.F. Bay Area-based producer and composer, played some sweet trumpet on “Quick Time”. New Collaborations have also taken place recently and will be featured on the upcoming LP Curious Soul. Watch out for the artist saQi, multi instrumentalist and fantastic music producer featured on “Remember” and “Smile Revolution” highlighting an Oaktown MC favorite Aima The Dreamer.

AIMA THE DREAMER- (collaboration on “Smile Revolution“) Aima Paule, aka Aïma the Dreamer, is a multidisciplinary artist who has been performing, as well as creating and hosting events, for more than a decade. They are co-founder of Oakland’s beloved Soulovely, a QTBIPOC dance party that launched in 2011. Aima has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for twenty years and continues to be inspired by the beauty and brilliance of the art, music, and activism that is fostered here. No stranger to collaboration, they believe in the power of using art and music as a bridge between communities. Aima has rocked crowds from Oakland to Barcelona as a vocalist and emcee with groups such as Jazz Mafia and J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science. They are currently with music group Femme Deadly Venoms, and have recently released their title track music video Femmenomenon. Follow them on IG, FB, & TikTok: @aimathedrmr.


GRVITY- (collaboration on “Mermaid“) is a a queer, black youth from the Bay Area who struggles to find balance amongst racism, capitalism and homophobia.  They are based out of the skateboarding graffiti hip hop rave scene. They love to explore all genres of music,  especially the styles indie rock, classic rock, classic hip hop, trap, EDM, metal and trap metal. Their goal is to create and manifest all their ideas but even more they want to teach other people how to express themselves and ideas with art. They feel that art is a higher form of communication beyond just words, as more of humanity gets to describe and express themselves through art we will be able to better understand each other and evolve  They speak wise words for a such little time on this planet and their voice is deep and strong. We met via my daughter Jalua who played me a demo of theirs. Find them on Instagram @grvity510.


ASHEL SEASUNZ ELDRIDGE (collaboration on “A Curious Time”) is a creative immersed in healing arts. He is a TEDx speaker, founder of and performer with the music/art collective, Earth Amplified, a vocalist with West African/West Oakland band Dogon Lights and a Lyft Rapper is his critically acclaimed ridshare webisode. Soulestial Church, brings a unique perspective to spiritual world music, transmitting stories and ceremonial songs from spirit. His latest project, EFAM: Essential Foods and Medicine, provides individual and community immunity by bringing essential foods and medicines for all. EFAM is also a founding partner of Cob on Wood: A cob-based commons space serving the Wood St. Encampment in West Oakland. He is a believer in the power of sound, meditation, and plant consciousness for global transformation.


SOOHAN (collaboration on “Response-Soohan Remix”) delivers one of his signature mixtape / remix albums, basing it around Émile Durkheim’s sociological concept of collective effervescence; moments in societal life when a group of individuals that makes up a society comes together in order to perform a religious ritual (IEP, nd). Stephen Suchan’s role as a heavily touring artist in the global bass scene is a strong indication of why such moments would be of value to him. Through these remix albums, he manages to capture the essence of dance through a signature style that can bring people of all creeds and continents together; be it different remixes on his album or as crowds that rejoice in his sets.


SKIPWICKED of Indubious (collaboration on “Goodness Rise Again”) SkipWicked is co-founder, vocalist, producer and bassist of the Reggae/Rock/Rootstronica touring act Indubious. Along with his brother Evan, Indubious has been performing, producing, and touring internationally for 10 years, sharing their mystic visions of unity, acceptance of all life brings – no matter the appearance – as a blessing and a lesson. Bringing foundational roots reggae into the crown chakra with shamanic understandings and translations of the universe’s complexities, Indubious continues to blur lines between palatable, danceable, and catchy songs, with the deep dub and esoteric electronic and jam spaces. Their visionary wordplay, mixed with fiery and impressive instrumentation has landed them accolades such as a Billboard charting of #6 for their last album “From Zero”. For more on SkipWicked, and Indubious, visit them on social media, or at www.indubiousmusic.com. 


ALEKSANDRA DUBOV (collaboration on “Grow”)  Aleksandra is devoted to love. Her sounds are an expression of her heart through her voice. She is a teacher that co creates spaces for people to open into full truth.


eO (collaboration on “Quick Time”) Eric Oberthaler [eO] is a S.F. Bay Area-based producer, composer, performer and director. Having earned his B.M. at Oberlin Conservatory (1993) and M.F.A. at CalArts (1996) – both in traditional music composition – he has since honed his skills in digital audio production, sound design, mastering, music direction, and live performance. His music is immersive, his style kaleidoscopic, and his tastes broad – bridging the music of many cultures and melting walls between genres. He is currently developing innovative adaptive music systems as a natural outgrowth of his unique compositional techniques and meta-stylistic music theory. https://eomusic.bandcamp.com .


MIRACULAH (collaboration on “The Cure”) Miraculah has been cultivating her magic powers as a Wordgician and linguistic OptiMystic who uses word play for the re~programming of consciousness. Through her poWORDful linguistTricks and empoWORDing iMAGiCnation, she inspires and invents new ways of thinking and speaking.


BENNY LANGFUR (collaboration on “Response”) Benny is a Guitarisr/Sitarist amd band leader of the Rabbit Hole Orchestra. His signature instrument is an electric sitar and his birthplace in Isreal.


EENOR (collaboration on “Mrs Duffy”) Eenor is a many dimensional multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and performer who has been received enthusiastically by audiences all over Europe and America. he’s enjoyed many musical adventures from touring Europe with Plainfield (an infamous S.F.punk band) , to studying with Indian Sarod master Ali Akbar Khan, to rocking the nation with Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade.  You’ve heard his guitar on the soundtrack of comedy central’s Southpark for years.  Eenor also recently toured worldwide for many years with The Yard Dog Road Show… an innovative cabaret cartoon ride through America’s past and future. Eenors Website


SUNRU (collaboration on “Freak”) Sunru has lived 20 yrs in Oakland delivering a pure 333 vocal channel, unique fashion and handmade wearable art.  He is also the co founder of Town Futurist, which creates future forward change using Music, Art, Dance & Media as a vehicle to heighten the senses of the people & the culture.


DELWIN G (collaboration on “Let Go”) Delwin G is an urban Latin Poet, whose repertoire includes elements of Hip-Hop, R&B, Latin groves and Reggaeton. His innovative music and international appeal respond to today’s multicultural urbanites with a new sound for the global age – one that is true to urban hip-hop and cuts across ages, races and cultures. Delwin G boast an extensive artistic resume and brings something unique to the table. Delwin G’s sound and performance is as dynamic as his energy, a wild reflection of rhythms, cultures, harmonies and flows. It would be foolish of the industry to sleep on this rare M C, one where all the elements are perceptible yet inseparable.


MASTAH LOCK (noaccordion collaboration on “All That She Wants” and “Little Birdies”). Louie Lock is Music. Bringing fluid, body moving rhythms that get people to their feet and onto the dance floor. With meticulous technical metronome timing and the improvisational skills he has earned as a seasoned drummer, hand-percussionist, and mouth-percussionist, (Beat Box) Louie Lock is a walking Drum Machine with marathon stamina and breath control, mids, highs, to lows. He demonstrates devastating delivery and precise, crowd-pleasing powerhouse output. Louie (aka “Mastah Lock” or “BeatZ”) is literally a Living, Beat-Dropping Instrument, bringing syncopated variation to lift spirits in celebration


CHATTERBOX (noaccordion collaboration on “Mama Nature”, “Emissary” and “Curiousity”) Sirraum Nash aka Chatterbox was born and raised in the South Bay Peninsula of the San Francisco Bay Area in CA. He developed a knack for writing & composition at a very young age beginning to write words in rhyme and poetry at age 7. At age 13, he began to hone his lyrical improvisation skills. In the early 2000’s he became a founding member of Jazz Funk Hiphop band, Precise Device. Since 2009 he has been an integral member of  Big Tadoo Puppet Crew & The PuppetPlex, based out of Berkeley, CA. He currently uses beat boxing, singing, character voice acting and Emcee skills for environmental activism, food and social justice issues, Self expression & Composition for adult and children’s entertainment. He has traveled extensively across the USA with the Big Tadoo Puppet Crew and Sustainable Living Road Show.


TAJ ANGELO (noaccordion collaboration on “Little Birdies” and “Community”) Taj Anglelo is a spoken word artist and RnB singer who grew up in Compton, Los Angeles and moved to the Bay Area as an adult.  His sweet voice and mystical freestyle captivate and educate his audience.  He has worked with many Bay Area Artists including Mama Crow, Soulestial and Formless Heights.


DANNY CAO (collaboration on “Tamburello”) Danny Cao is a trumpeter, singer, composer, arranger and producer; born and raised in San Francisco, and currently residing in Oakland, CA. His current projects include the DU UY Quintet, The Chesscapades, Inspector Gadje, LoCura, Istanbul Connection. He has worked with Manicato, Vinyl, Royal Jelly Jive, Bayonics, J.C. Hopkins, Mars Villa, Big Bones and many San Francisco Bay Area groups. He has also performed with bay area theater group We Players in their productions of Hamlet on Alcatraz and The Odyssey on Angel Island. Danny Cao is also an active trumpet and music teacher in San Francisco and the East Bay.


EVAN FRASER (noaccordion collaboration on “Like A Feather”) Evan Fraser is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who has been recording and performing music together in different bands over the last 20 years.  Evan has a lifetime of dedication to and immersion in music. He’s gone deep and learned to play a dizzying array of instruments. He has been in many bands including Dirtwire, Dogon Lights, Stellamara and Hamsa Lila.