Photoshoot with Sequoia Emmanuelle


Sequoia Emmanuelle, the fashion photographer, met up with electronic music producer and performance artist Onah Indigo, and creative director Deidra Alexander. Together they to pulled off a fabulous fashion photoshoot at the Downtown Los Angeles Drip Studios last summer. The purpose of the shoot was to promote Indigo’s creative music project noaccordion and the forthcoming LP “Curious Soul” slated to be released in 2022.

The vibrant art scenes and pop culture of New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles has inspired and shaped Emmanuelle. Sequoia is known for her stellar and unique lighting style as well as her art direction and uncanny ability to create magical wonderlands of fashion, music, & art that is dripping with color and texture.  Her striking photographs have appeared in numerous magazines and publications.

  • onah-indigo-embraces-deidra-alexander-on-a-pink-chair
  • onah-indigo-and-deidra-alexander-cheek-to-cheek
  • musician-onah-indigo-with-her-two-accordions-and-micro-korg
  • deidra-alexander-on-a-pink-chair-with-feathers-and-red-shoes

Photos by Sequoia Emmanuelle

Previous Collab with Sequoia Emmanuelle

“I had worked once before with Sequoia in 2017 and the photos were so good they landed me an article in Oakland Magazine. She is so much fun to work with because she makes me feel comfortable, has a modern photographic eye and wonderful fashion sense.” Onah explains. The atmosphere at the shoot was fun and playful, despite extra precautions being taken to keep everyone safe and socially distanced. Onah was wielding her various musical instruments (including her signature larger-than-life accordion “Bella”), all-the-while taking artistic direction from Emmanuelle and maintaining often challenging poses.

The studio space was eccentric and inspiring with a diverse array of quirky backdrops and antique furniture to choose from. Deidra, who also modeled for the photos chose three looks for the shoot to expertly bring together setting and theme. Deidra muses “I loved working with Sequoia and Onah on this fabulous set that enabled us to take such great classic photos. What an amazing and challenging opportunity to be both the creative director and the model.”

Creative Director joins Sequoia Emmanuelle

Onah travelled down from the Bay Area for the shoot with Creative Director Deidra Alexander, who dreamt up the overall concept of the photoshoot. Deidra also provided professional makeup, hair and fashion styling expertise. She has worked in the beauty industry for over 25 years and some of her clients include make up for fashion shows such as Georgio Armani, backstage at Victoria Secret and also award shows such as The Espy Awards.

Not only has she worked behind the scenes, she has also has experience working in front of the scenes as a professional dancer for the NFL and a model. The first look portrayed a 1940-50s aesthetic with a theme inspired by fetish model Betty Page and movie star Dorothy Dandridge. The second look was a sexy playful vibe with a see thru lace dress and lingerie. The third look played on Onah’s love for the warrior goddess archetype and included pictures with a corset, fur vest and Samoan talking stick that Onah had recently inherited from her grandfather!

Check out these behind the scenes shots, documented by Onah’s manager Benji Michaels and her Marketing Consultant Lydia Harlow.

  • musician-onah-indigo-leans-against-yellow-wall-at-drip-studios
  • photographer-sequoia-emmaunelle-squats-to photograph-musician-onah-indigo
  • musician-onah-indigo-smiles-in-front-of-mirror-and-stylist-deidra-alexander
  • musician-onah-indigo-holds-hands-with-deidra-alexander-during-photo-shoot-in drip-studios-los-angeles
  • musician-onah-indigo-embraces-stylist-deidra-alexander-drip-studios-in-los-angeles
  • photographer-sequoia-emmanuelle-photographs-musician-onah-indigo-at-drip-studios-los-angeles
  • photographer-sequoia-emmauelle-sets-light-drip-studios
  • stylist-deidra-alexander-fixes-musician-onah-indigos-hair-at-drip-studios-los-angeles
  • sequoia-emmaunuelle-photographs-onah-indigo-and-deidra-alexander-face-eachother-drip-studios-los-angeles

Behind The Scenes Photos by Benji Michaels and Lydia Harlow.